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History of Jefferson Park at Dandridge (Formally Jefferson County Nursing Home)


Jefferson County’s tradition of caring for the elderly, sick, handicapped, and poor dates back to at least 1933.  In March of 1933, a 283-acre farm was purchased and a building was constructed for the accommodation of the poor.  A caretaker and their family ran the operation with the residents contributing as much as they could with the farming, cooking, cleaning, etc…  This County Farm was also well known as the “Poor Farm.”

In 1968, Jefferson County applied for a Hill-Burton Grant in order to build its first nursing home.  It would replace the “Poor Farm” in January of 1969 and open its doors to the first nine residents of the “Poor Farm.”  An additional wing was added in 1973, with 33 beds and in 1987 20 more beds were added making it a total of 103 beds.  Our facility’s first administrator, Mrs. Betty Howell, retired in 1987 after 18 years of dedicated service and Mr. Charles Reeder became our second administrator.  Mr. Reeder served as our administrator for 5 years before our third and current administrator, Mr. Roger Mynatt, began in 1992.  Three short years later our facility expanded yet again adding 32 more beds and bringing the total number of beds to 135.

In 2004, Jefferson County Nursing Home changed its status from a Level I Intermediate Care Facility, to a dually certified skilled nursing facility.  In 2006, the decision was made to build three homes, each with 10 private rooms/bathrooms, with the Green House concept as part of our expansion.  On May 6, 2010 the grand opening for the Green House Homes occurs and we began moving in our elders on June 1, 2010 giving us a total of 160 beds.  The Green House homes are the first in the State of Tennessee and provide a home-like environment that significantly improves quality of life for our elders.

June of 2011, Jefferson County Nursing Home began renovating our legacy building giving it a more modern look.  A complete kitchen renovation, laminate wood floors in resident’s rooms and throughout the facility, shower rooms with sky lights for added light, and a fireplace to add a little touch of home are some of the many changes we made.  So come on by for a visit and enjoy the company of our staff, volunteers and family members, but mostly our wonderful Residents.

And now in 2017 Jefferson County Nursing Home is now called Jefferson Park at Dandridge.