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At Jefferson Park at Dandridge, our care is based on the safety and health of your family. We offer a range of services including Therapy, Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, and Respite Care. As a certified skilled nursing facility, we can offer a vast array of both in-patient and outpatient services that range from mental health services to telemetry.

Long-Term Care

We offer one of the best communities for long-term senior care. Our professional support services include meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, and transportation.

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Respite Care

Respite care provides rest for caregivers while their loved ones continue to receive care in a safe environment.

Jefferson Park at Dandridge has respite care contracts, which offer up to a five day stay, with several hospice companies.  Contact your loved one’s hospice company to see if Jefferson Park at Dandridge is a respite care contracted provider.

Extended Health Services

Optometry Services

Mobile Vision Professionals see our residents in-house. They provide a long range of services such as vision screening, pressure checks, and prescribing eyeglasses.

Dental Services

Care Dental is a mobile clinic that comes to see our residents in-house. They provide services, such as cleanings, extractions, dental impressions, and more.

Podiatry Services

Jefferson Park at Dandridge provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a variety of foot and ankle injuries and disorders. Common issues treated by our podiatrists include ankle and foot trauma, nail care for diabetics, and infections of the feet.

Registered Dietitian Consultant

Nourishing meals are at the heart of comfort, and our on-staff registered dietitian provides comprehensive nutrition care to all residents living at the nursing facility. Menus at Jefferson Park at Dandridge are rotated on a five-week cycle. Favorite foods include a variety of meats, cornbread, potatoes, pinto beans, green beans, salads, and breakfast food. Nourishments are provided between meals and snacks at bedtime. The Dietary and Activities Department work together to provide themed meals.

Social Services

Social Services are available to assist with social needs of each elder and as a resource person for the elder's family. Our social services staff helps to identify psychological, mental, and emotional needs along with developing aides to have those needs met.

Mental Health Services

Our mental health providers include a clinical psychologist and psych nurse practitioner from Improving Patient Care (IPC). Our clinical psychologist provides counseling to our residents. Our psych nurse practitioner can work alongside our psychologist and recommends medications and gradual dose reductions.

Beauty Care Services

Professional beauty care is available to all residents. Our beautician is available one day per week but is also around more often on special occasions.  Each resident is offered one haircut, shampoo, and hair set per month at no cost to them. Additional services such as perming, and coloring are available for a nominal fee.

Medical Diagnostics

More than just a nursing home, our skilled nursing facility has the ability to order EKG, Laboratory tests, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, Echocardiography, and Holter Monitors.


For monitoring of a resident’s cardiac status, Jefferson Park at Dandridge has the capability of placing your loved one on telemetry using an electrocardiogram or other life sign-measuring device.  Our staff is experienced with monitoring vital signs and provides quality care for elders with gastrointestinal disorders, cardiac failure, diabetes, and other acute diagnoses.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are offered to our residents 7x/week.  We offer customized solutions for residents looking to increase strength and mobility or to promote balance and good body mechanics. Additionally, we offer multiple classes for our residents that involve nursing, restorative, therapy, and activities to reduce rehospitalization. 

We offer weekly classes for fall prevention management including balance and mobility and incentive spirometry class for respiratory function.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy is available 7x/week.

Occupational Therapy

Jefferson Park at Dandridge provides individualized evaluations to produce occupational therapy goals that are personalized to each resident. Occupational therapy plans focus on activities of daily living to attain the goals and conduct continuing evaluations to ensure the plan is on track and effectively measure individual progress.  The plan and goals set in a resident’s occupation therapy are geared to improve the individual’s independence throughout and post treatment.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language therapy is closely associated with our occupational therapy and audiology services. We support individuals and families as we work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, and cognitive communication. Our speech-language pathologists can provide individual management, intervention, and provide counseling related to speech disorders and dementia-related diagnoses.

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Jefferson Park is quite adaptable and so we go out of our way to offer additional services as needed. Contact us today if you have questions regarding any of our services or would like to inquire about elder care services that aren't listed on our services page.